“Shelley has been working with me following numerous major surgeries and injuries. Her treatment has most definitely aided in a faster (and more thorough) recovery than I would have had otherwise! Shelley’s knowledge and understanding of physical therapy (and overall health) are such that I’ve never experienced! We are now working together on a plan toward a healthier lifestyle and goal achievement. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!”

-Connie W

“I would highly recommend these services.  What a great combination of healthy driven advice, from Pilates to physical therapy, workouts and nutrition planning.   Everything to keep a body in motion………in motion!  Brilliant.”

-Stephanie A

“Shelley possesses the perfect combination of knowledge, empathy, and insight. Her ability to assess the problem and personalize a specific plan to get you on the path to health and well-being is second to none.”

-Dena K

“It’s been instrumental having Shelley join our team. I’ve struggled over the years finding physio that helped my horses and actually benefited them long term. After having Shelley join our team I can see a huge difference in the core strength of my horses and flexibility. Riding is one key part to building flexibility and strength, but having Shelley help develop exercises for each of my horses has been a game changer.”

-Tamie Smith, Next Level Eventing

“Shelley has been an integral part of my team for many years now. Her ability to monitor my horses movement, performance and fitness gives me comfort in knowing that we are being proactive in maintaining sound performance horses. Shelley’s bio mechanics program is also extremely important to both myself and my clients ability to maintain fitness and strength in the saddle. I refer clients all the time to Intrepid wellness for the pure fact that Shelley and her team help me do my job better. Happy healthy horses and riders all around.”
-Erin Storey, Storey Tails, LLC

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