“Shelley has been working with me following numerous major surgeries and injuries. Her treatment has most definitely aided in a faster (and more thorough) recovery than I would have had otherwise! Shelley’s knowledge and understanding of physical therapy (and overall health) are such that I’ve never experienced! We are now working together on a plan toward a healthier lifestyle and goal achievement. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!”

-Connie W

I would highly recommend these services.  What a great combination of healthy driven advice, from Pilates to physical therapy, workouts and nutrition planning.   Everything to keep a body in motion………in motion!  Brilliant.

-Stephanie A

“Shelley possesses the perfect combination of knowledge, empathy, and insight. Her ability to assess the problem and personalize a specific plan to get you on the path to health and well-being is second to none.”

-Dena K

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