Shelley Thomas, MPT, CERP, C-PS
Physical Therapy + Performance

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Hi, I’m Shelley Thomas.

Hi, I’m Shelley Thomas. I’m a physical therapist, rider, and competitor. My company, Intrepid Wellness, focuses on helping horses and riders move and perform better, and helping riders learn to listen to their horses. I specialize in working with event, dressage, and hunter-jumper horses and riders. Those sports are my passion, and I can help those horses and riders best because I understand their performance needs. I’m secretly obsessed with how athletic cutting horses are, so that might be what I do when I decide I’m too old to gallop and jump horses.

My goal is to help you understand how your horse moves and what you can do to help him stay sound and healthy. Equestrian sports are incredibly special and create a strong bond between horse and rider, but they do put a lot of stress and strain on horses. Riders have a great responsibility to help their horse stay healthy and get fit to handle the loads we place on them. I’d love to be part of your team and help you reach your goals.

I also work with riders at all levels helping you improve your symmetry and strength in the saddle. I think one of the kindest things we can do for our horses is to be “better backpacks.” When you move well, are pain free, and feel strong enough to ride well, you gain confidence, which your horse loves! They are more confident when you are more confident.

I hope we can work together! I see horses and riders in-person (my home base is near Boise, Idaho) and virtually. I also offer a lot of digital courses to help you learn systems and tools you can use in your horse management program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To the horses!

Work with me!

For the Horse

Physiotherapy sessions keep your horse performing at his best and help prevent injuries, or help the horse recover from an injury. Biomechanical analysis and postural evaluations help you identify weaknesses in your horse and develop a plan to improve their strength, movement, and body alignment. Shelley has specialized training in treating horses and uses her extensive physical therapy background with people to improve your horse’s movement and posture.

For The Rider

Shelley works with riders both in-person and online, so you can live anywhere. The goals of working together are to improve your strength, body alignment, and coordination so you can be more effective on your horse. Shelley also helps you understand how your horse moves, how to use your body when you ride, and how to design an effective training program for yourself and your horse. To set up a free phone consultation, please click below to set up an appointment, or email Shelley at

Clinics at your Barn

Shelley is available for physiotherapy and biomechanic clinics at your barn. Please contact her for details and available dates. These clinics can be tailored to your barn’s needs.

The Soundness System

In this 12-week course, you will go from feeling uncertain about how to keep your horse sound and fit to feeling confident in your ability to organize your training plan, assess your horse’s readiness for work, and experience increased success because your horse is healthy and trainable.

This course is offered only twice per year.

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Rider Fundamentals

The Rider Fundamentals course is designed to help you understand how to use your body more effectively when you ride your horse. This will improve your communication with your horse tremendously! These fundamental concepts are the basis for developing good timing and feel on your horse.

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Core Clinic for Equestrians

I created the Core Clinic for Equestrians to help you be a stronger, straighter, and more effective rider. Join me in this 14-day program and learn all about core muscles. There’s a lot more to core strength than planks (although those are super useful). In this program, you’ll learn the true role of the core, how to engage and strengthen your muscles, the importance of body alignment, and lots of other useful tools. Complete these workouts and mobilization drills and move to the next level in your riding.

Equine Rehab Fundamentals

This course is designed to help you understand rehab programs for some key types of injuries:

  • Suspensory ligaments
  • Superficial and deep flexor tendon injuries
  • Kissing spine
  • Sacroiliac strains
  • Stifle injuries
  • Collateral hoof ligament injuries

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YouTube Channel

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for free content that teaches you about horse management, rehabbing injuries, how your horse moves, and tips to keep you horse sound. I also share information about rider biomechanics and how to get straighter and stronger on your horse.

Free Resources

Click here for some free resources to help horses and riders move better. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you have any questions!