Shelley Thomas, MPT, CERP, C-PS
Physical Therapy + Performance


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Hi, I’m Shelley Thomas.

I specialize in helping horses and riders reach peak performance by helping to bulletproof their bodies to minimize the risk of injury. 

My goal is to help you understand how your body works and what you can do to improve mobility, overcome weaknesses, reduce pain, and recover from injuries. I also want to help you understand how your horse’s body works and how you can improve their performance and movement quality so they can be a better athlete.

I work with riders and horses at all levels, in all sports, to improve strength, alignment, and confidence. When you move well, are pain free, and feel strong enough to ride well, you gain confidence. In my time as a physical therapist, I have helped hundreds of people like you develop effective training and rehab plans for you and your horse. I help you take control of your, and your horse’s, pain, movement restrictions, anxiety and overwhelm to break through limitations and excel in the activity you love.

Work with me!

For the Horse

Physiotherapy sessions keep your horse performing at his best and help prevent injuries, or help the horse recover from an injury. Biomechanical analysis and postural evaluations help you identify weaknesses in your horse and develop a plan to improve their strength, movement, and body alignment. Shelley has specialized training in treating horses and uses her extensive physical therapy background with people to improve your horse’s movement and posture.

For The Rider

Shelley works with riders both in-person and online, so you can live anywhere. The goals of working together are to improve your strength, body alignment, and coordination so you can be more effective on your horse. Shelley also helps you understand how your horse moves, how to use your body when you ride, and how to design an effective training program for yourself and your horse. To set up a free phone consultation, please click below to set up an appointment, or email Shelley at

Trep’s  Circle

Trep’s Circle helps you become a more educated horse person about equine biomechanics, exercise programs, and riding for soundness. The tools you learn in the Trep’s Circle will help your horse move, feel, and perform better.


Shelley is available to teach biomechanic clinics at your farm. Working on your biomechanics complements your training plan. Many of Shelley’s clients comment that this type of training has been the missing piece to their training plan. This clinic is appropriate to any level of rider. We can easily work at the walk, or do more advanced dressage or jumping patterns, depending on the rider’s needs.